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Our passion for the Spain branded products and for our gastronomy paved the road to the birth of Spanish Soul, a natural impulse to share with the world our lifestyle and the best Spaniard (Spanish) products bases on our in-depth knowledge of the doing, uniqueness and genuine gastronomy.

Spanish Soul represents an ideal towards which we’ve moved, channeling our professional expertise, profound knowledge of the Spanish gourmet market. We know where the excellence is and how to make it reach you.

We embarked on this road as a direct consequence of our passion for the Spain branded product and its gastronomy. The surgency of Spanish Soul comes by the selection of the uttermost quality Spanish products to be enjoyed worldwide.

Spanish Soul on your table.

Flavors, aromas, unique textures, all with the genuine and authentic Appellation of origin stamp seals: Spain, its land, culture, traditions and millennial agricultural techniques for unique crops, the artisan’s hands of its people, knowledge passed from generation to generation. A whole immaterial world from which this familiar knowledge becomes an ancient inheritance that in itself engenders the gourmet, high quality, world renown and prestigious products.


Our products

We place our soul in each and every one of our products.

About us

Those that, like us, are ruled by the highest standards and most elevated criteria for quality, the search is and must be a continuous and constant, in order to be able to offer that that only can be presented by the ones with authentic knowledge of the product, the producer and the origin area. 

Traditional production, the one that has been sustained and sustainable for generations have given birth to the quality of a products, thanks to the dedication of our artisans, that is our sincere objective.

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