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Spanish Soul selects for export the best products, from the best Spanish producers.

Quality is the key factor in our brand and our main reason to keep our gourmet gastronomy based on artisan elaboration by the most experienced hands.

We know were the excellence is, we also know how to get it to you

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Why the aroma and the flavor of our oil is so unique, exclusive and characteristic?

Thanks to all the hues that the rich soil provides the olive tree, from a volcanic origin, rich in minerals and nutrients, the exceptional Spanish weather under which thy grow, are nourished and developed, our olive trees create an olive with an intrinsic, superior and magnificent quality that above all, added to a strict and rigorous elaboration process done by our producers, gives the best oil possible.


The high fruity intensity, dominated by green aromas and fresh herbal leaves, fresh cut grass and aromatic herbs such as basil, oregano and fruity greens, tomato, banana, kiwi and apple.

Fresh and clean flavor, with hints and attributes of bitter and spice, moderated and balanced, smooth intensity with light final notes of acidity and tanginess.

Only from the best olive trees from our land, such an oil could be created.


Wine to stay


The true wine culture, the one that teaches the taste for the land, that transmits the character and strength of the producer and the vineyards, that speaks of hard work, sacrifice and research… this complete network built through time is our secret and the key to our wines. With Criverso we have opted for simplicity in the wine elaboration process keeping it ecological and with organic dynamics, allowing the grape to offer its intrinsically almost magical virtues and properties that only arise when done by an expert.

The cellars were our wines are aged and rested have been designed searching for simplicity as the main objective of avoiding the suffering and stressing of the grape before is transformation. As such, the elaboration is peaceful and tranquil, imbued with serenity while its long macerated in cold. Processes where the passing of time creates a difference where nothing is demanded of the grape, letting it offer us all its virtues.

From the best- and well-known cellars in Spain, authentic appellation of origin seal, our superb wines are born to surprise you for their character and its velvety smooth encounter with your mouth.


Our unique cheese


Our Spanish cheeses its precisely one of the products where you can truly value with intensity our ancient, artisan and traditional elaboration processes. An excellent cheese needs of care that can be extended for many years, applying knowledge of olden times, complex, just in order to achieve the texture, flavor and aroma that are perfection. To reach and produce perfection “a la carte” can only be attained by very few, and we know who they are.

The produce and the detailed artisan process of production are the key to our cheeses because we only work with the best, those that have known how to protect and transmit this artisan cultural inheritance.

About us

Those that, like us, are ruled by the highest standards and most elevated criteria for quality, the search is and must be a continuous and constant, in order to be able to offer that that only can be presented by the ones with authentic knowledge of the product, the producer and the origin area. 

Traditional production, the one that has been sustained and sustainable for generations have given birth to the quality of a products, thanks to the dedication of our artisans, that is our sincere objective.

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